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A unique approach – A greater flexibility

Supported by an international expertise, AAA Canada contributes to productivity improvement and customer development through on-site manufacturing and technical assistance solutions in the Aerospace and Transportation sectors.

AAA Canada offers customers the opportunity to subcontract aircraft and land transportation assemblies and subassemblies to highly specialized teams that have operational responsibility for industrialization, production and supplier monitoring processes. At any stage in these processes, the quality of deliverables is central to our field teams’ priorities.

Our unique, innovative and value-added approach ensures timely, high quality deliverables to AAA Canada clients:

On time delivery

Methods of intervention

On-site manufacturing

The seasoned, multidisciplinary teams at AAA Canada take charge of an industrialization, production or supplier monitoring activity, in whole or in part. Their efforts are adapted to the customer’s needs, processes and operational reality, optimizing the efficiency and profitability of operations entrusted to us. Our customers enjoy a great deal of flexibility, making them more responsive in moments of flux.

Another added value of on-site subcontracting: when AAA Canada takes over an entire project, customers avoid budgetary constraints because the price is set in advance.

AAA Canada is also recognized for its skill in managing major local, national and international projects. Backed by a network with a presence in nine countries, our team of professionals can go to your facilities quickly and more affordably, according to applicable governance in the countries visited.

Ex-situ manufacturing

In 2008, the AAA European group opened its own assembly centre in Tarbes, in Southwestern France, to meet the constantly growing demand of its clients, to respond to the rapid evolution of the sector and to reinforce its production.

Through this assembly centre, our clients enjoy the benefits of off-site outsourcing. With over 1,000 workers and an area of some 6,000 m², the production and assembly site allows original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and tier-1 suppliers to take advantage of the added value generated by this form of outsourcing, in particular physical proximity to specialized assembly services with a presence close to major European industry clients.

Technical assistance

The core of our approach is based on the technical skills of our employees, who are assigned to our clients for short or long periods of time. Our dedicated teams offer versatility and flexibility for companies that want to retain industrial production at their facilities, creating greater proximity within the supply chain and reducing operating costs. Our clients also enjoy highly technical, diversified know-how because of our multi-client and multi-platform projects.

Internal training

Whether for on-site outsourcing or technical assistance, AAA Canada’s teams are always at the cutting edge of the specialized knowledge required for the needs of the market, thanks to a highly effective internal program of skills monitoring and professional development.

In fall 2016, after an official agreement with an AAA Canada preferred customer, we opened an internal training centre for our employees, to certify them and standardize their knowledge in structural, mechanical and electrical assembly. This unique and innovative training program allows AAA Canada to update its best practices for managing the skills of its assemblers, ensuring that new employees have the required level of knowledge. Certified, qualified trainers give both theoretical and practical training sessions. This initiative is part of our continuous improvement process and demonstrates yet again AAA Canada’s proactive leadership in on-site outsourcing.

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